There is a huge market space for in vitro diagnosis, and Fangxin biology ushers in a period of development opportunities

2021-10-30 09:34:44

A sudden global public health event not only makes the public pay attention to personal health, but also makes in vitro diagnosis, a previously unknown industry, enter the public view quickly. In vitro diagnosis (IVD) is to take samples (blood, body fluid, tissue, etc.) out of the human body and test them. The test results are used as the basis for diagnosis and treatment.

According to statistics, in practical application, in vitro diagnosis can affect 60% of clinical diagnosis and treatment programs, but its cost only accounts for 2% of the total clinical diagnosis and treatment costs, which has high commercial value. As an important carrier of modern laboratory medicine, in vitro diagnosis provides information basis for clinical monitoring and treatment decision-making, and becomes an indispensable part of human disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Under the catalysis of COVID-19, the domestic in vitro diagnostic industry also ushered in the opportunity of rapid development.

Biochemical diagnosis, immune diagnosis and molecular diagnosis are the three most important fields in the in vitro diagnosis market. Other subdivided fields also include microbial diagnosis, coagulation diagnosis and so on. Among them, immunodiagnosis, represented by chemiluminescence, is the main field in the in vitro diagnosis market. Because of its high sensitivity, good specificity, easy automation and other advantages, it has been widely praised as soon as it is launched, and has rapidly become the mainstream of clinical immunoassay.

Market participants pointed out that based on the excellent test performance of reagent products, increasingly perfect test menu and diversified instrument models, Fangxin biotechnology is expected to become the biggest beneficiary in the long-term import substitution trend of in vitro diagnosis industry, and further promote its overall revenue growth into the fast lane.