The report of Internet medical industry

2021-11-08 17:38:43

What is the inevitable trend of Internet health?

We believe that the Internet is an inevitable trend in the future of medical health care services. The main driving force comes from the three levels: First, the Internet penetration into the medical profession, is the natural evolution of the Internet inevitable stage of development – the Internet has the impact of print media (portals, search), messaging (IM tools), retail (electronic since the late 1990s Business), travel (online travel), financial (Internet banking), education (online education), etc., the development of the core thread from easy to difficult in order to infiltrate with low efficiency, more pain point, a large space, long-tailed characteristics industry go, and the medical industry in full compliance with such features, since it relates to the issue of the line medical resources, and therefore difficult to penetrate, which belong to the Internet penetration of traditional industries in the latter part of the product.

Secondly, the Chinese medical allocation of resources is extremely unreasonable, so that the already scarce medical resources more scarce. In China, medical treatment is difficult and expensive and so can not solve long-term problems, “wait three hours to see a doctor three minutes,” become the norm, subject to top-level design, and the lack of health insurance network classification system is unreasonable treatment, classification treatment system has always been difficult landing. Quality medical resources are “minor illness” occupied, and primary health care was idle resources (patient trust only three hospitals). These inefficiencies are running problem for Internet solutions provide space development.

Finally, needless to say, the development of mobile Internet, the popularity of intelligent terminals, sensor technology advances, Internet infrastructure to improve the delivery of soil explosive growth of the Internet health.